Five Facts for Newbies (and not-so-newbies)

There’s such a whirlwind of information to take in when you start anything new and 28 is no different. You’ve got whole food recipes to work with, new supermarket shelves to discover and you’ll almost certainly increase your swear word vocabulary the more time you spend with Sam (on the floor, in your lounge room…I’m just going to leave that there, feel free to take a moment to visualise).

OK, back with me? Great. When you’re new and just getting the hang of things you could find yourself getting frustrated at the things you don’t know or simply can’t figure out. That’s pretty normal. And you know what? Everyone else on 28 has been right where you are now. At the beginning. And, ummm…some of us who’ve been here a while still take ourselves back to the beginning now and then.

So, I thought I’d make a quick TOP 5 for when you’re at the beginning of 28. Just as a kind of ‘mini beginner’s guide’. These are some of the things that get asked a lot, often and every day. Like every day. And that 100% OK. Because we all learn and take in things at a different pace and in different ways. The sensational thing about 28 and the online community that you’ve just joined is that there are no silly questions and someone is around to help you out 24/7. Just ask. Everything on this blog post can also be found on the 28 by Sam Wood member website. I’ve just packaged it up. I’m good like that… If you can’t access any of these links it probably means you don’t know the secret handshake and you need to sign up…which you can do…HERE.

First things first…official 28 places you should spend some time with are:

  • The Guide to 28 (It’s on the left hand side of the website). Lots of great info in there.
  • The FAQs are the The Guide to 28’s handy companion (also on the left hand side of the website menu)
  • The Locker is where all the important links are stashed. Food, exercises, articles, Sam’s mobile phone number…


1) Menu plans come out every Monday for the week that starts on the following Monday
So you can log in anytime after that and all the tasty goodness of the next week (which starts on a Monday) will be there. Essentially you have access to meals plans one week in advance so you can plan your shopping and your week of eating. I much prefer planning my week of eating than planning my week of exercising…but that’s just me!

2) Workouts are released at midnight of the day before
Until they’re open you’ll get a ‘No Peeking’ page…cute but annoying! Sam’s good at that. Like the little/big brother who is aggravating in the way he’s right all the time. Smarty pants.  You can always take a look at the preview. Just hit that little PREVIEW button in the top right of your screen and voila…you’ll know exactly what torture Sam has planned for you. Sometimes it’s best not to know…you’ve been warned.

Workouts are made up of 4 sets of 7 exercises (which go for 60 seconds each). And Sam does them all with you, in real time. He’s a very sweaty and fit bastard! The 60 seconds of exercise time is made up of the exercise and then a rest period. The video will tell you when to rest and when to workout. So pay attention in the beginning or you could fast find yourself working out like a Maniac (see below). The levels are:

  • Rookie: Workout for 20 seconds, Rest for 40 seconds
  • Player: Workout for 30 seconds, Rest for 30
  • Hotshot: Workout for 40 seconds, Rest for 20
  • Champ: Workout for 50 seconds, Rest for 10
  • Maniac: Workout for 60 seconds, Rest for NO TIME AT ALL, JUST KEEP EXERCISING YOU NUTTER!
  • and the cool kids at HQ have just added a Low Impact level too

3) Active Recovery
Sam’s philosophy is about being consistent and active every day and all that good shit. Yada yada. I’m not here to judge, his program gets results and I’ve already acknowledged that the man knows his stuff. So…Active Recovery on weekends is basically anything you want it to be, that gets your heart rate up, for at least 28 minutes. I think there’s some good suggestions in the program, I don’t know, I’ve never actually done them! (*insert cheeky grimace face*). Check out what Sam has to say in the FAQs

4) Swaps and Snacks
One of the standout brilliant features of 28 (in my opinion) is the ability to swap meals that aren’t to your liking. Now I don’t mean, having hot chips ‘cos you don’t like cauliflower rice…oh no, no, no…swapping meals is for when you haven’t got time to cook a particular meal or you’re suddenly out of an ingredient, or the thought of that meal makes you violently ill. Literally. Like, for example pork chops and brussel sprouts. Seriously! Why is that even a thing…who eats that? I always swap that meal…but with something 28 approved. Not with hot chips, alas. So read all about swaps here. And to make a swap, open the recipe and in the top right of the screen you’ll see a little squiggly arrow thingie (technical name). Click on it and the list of 28 recipes opens up. Make a choice and confirm your swap. Done. Incidentally, when someone tells you “It’s in your swaps”… that’s what they mean. Going in to ‘swap’ a recipe is how you can find all the 28 recipes too. Think of it as the 28 Recipe Library. You access it via your swaps.

The crew have also made a super helpful guide on “swap & shop”…check it out.

You’ll find a bounty of tasty treats in the Snacks menu too. It’s at the bottom right of the page when you’re in your Program.Click that and you’ll be making coconut rough and snickers slices before you know it…true. Don’t believe me? Go and have a look!

5) Search Facebook for stuff
28 is in its second year and in that time every question under the sun has been asked on Facebook. And someone has answered it or provided copious tips and ideas about how to deal with something. Try popping a keyword into the Search function on the group Facebook page. You could get lucky…but Facebook can also be a finicky bitch at times, so searching is not all it’s cracked up to be. If you can’t find it just ask.

I know I said “TOP 5”, but I also said I did my workout this morning, soooo yeah…I’m known to relax the rules somewhat. So here’s a bonus tip: Read some of my other newbie info type posts. I’m such a try hard over sharer that I’ve written about this stuff before.

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