The 28 Kitchen

Remember when you left home and you (or someone who loved you) scratched together a box of old bits and pieces to help make your kitchen? Nothing matched. You had 3 forks and 6 knives. Some of the appliances worked but it didn’t matter because aside from the toaster, you didn’t really know what to do with the rest anyway?

Ahhh…good times, happy memories of takeaway pizza and cheap, cheap wine and that one guy whose party trick was…oh, sorry…I’ll save that memory for another post.

Starting with 28 might be a bit like that for some people – especially if you’ve not really JERFed before. What’s JERF? Oh, it’s a fancy new phrase that all the cool kids are using. Just Eat Real Food. That you make yourself. From scratch.

So if this is you, starting out in the kitchen…whether you’re 18 or 48, this list of mine may help. I’m going to go ahead and assume that you have all the plates and cups and basics covered…I mean what have you been eating your takeaway out of? Surely not straight from the container?

This list (of 28!) is all the things I think you’ll find handy to have in your kitchen so you can cook. There’s some gadgets, some appliances and some basic cutting implements that are super handy for when you’re ready to give up the will to live after a too-hard Woody Workout. Just kidding…you only need a corkscrew for that unless your wine is a screw top.

I like pictures so I’ve made a handy photo printable too…if that’s your thing. CLICK HERE to download a copy.

  1. Blender – for your smoothies and soups
  2. Casserole dish – to bake stews and casseroles
  3. Chopping boards
  4. Colander/sieve
  5. Containers – to save your leftovers
  6. Baking tray– decent size, think roast chook & veg
  7. Food Processor
  8. Grater
  9. Kitchen Knives (set of 3)
  10. Ladle – we have lots of delicious soup on 28 and it’s good for portion control serving
  11. Measuring jug
  12. Measuring spoons and cups
  13. Mixing bowls – nest of 3 is useful
  14. Non-Stick Fry Pan (or 3)
  15. Potato masher – mostly for pumpkin and sweet potato not spuds (alas!)
  16. Rice cooker – also great for quinoa (who knew?!)
  17. Saucepans – with a heavy base and 3 of various sizes is a useful number
  18. Scales – weight matters people!
  19. Silicon Baking Muffin Trays – super fabulous for portion control
  20. Slow cooker – to “set and forget” some of our curries & stews
  21. Spatula – for flipping Sam the bird…I mean, your pancakes
  22. Spiralizer – for making perfect veggie noodle things
  23. Stick blitzer – for when you can’t be faffed with your food processor. I use this for everything …it’s a mini food processor.
  24. Tongs
  25. Veggie peeler
  26. Wok
  27. Wooden spoons
  28. Zester

And because I do love a bonus (consider this your free set of steak knives!)

29. A sense of humour, child-like curiosity and an acceptance that not everything will be edible when you’re done with it. We all stuff up. Not all of us can cook like Jamie but the point it…you TRY. Give it a go. If it all ends up on the kitchen floor, well, so be it…try again tomorrow.

What’s your MUST HAVE kitchen implement? Got a favourite brand or review of something on my list? Feel free to comment away and tell us all about it x

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