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Are you as excited about Sam’s new book as I am? All that 28 goodness at your fingertips and on your bookshelf and there for all to see how impressive and dedicated you are to your health and wellbeing…or is that just me? #showpony

What’s in “THE BOOK” … 100 of Sam and nutritionist Steph Lowe’s popular recipes along with daily 28 minute exercises. A monthly meal planner, a regime of tough but achievable exercises for every level – Rookie to Maniac – and advice on taking control of your weight, your health and your life today.

To celebrate my excitement and the fact that 28 Blog Street wouldn’t have been born if not for the inspiration I receive from you all on a daily basis, thanks to me (because I’m going to actually hand over cash and buy them to boost Sam’s ‘first week’ sales so he goes to the top of the New York Times best seller list or some such palaver)  I’m gonna give away three copies of Sam’s book. Yep. THREE copies. Not only that, I’m going to hunt Sam down and get him to sign them to you personally. Not just a quick “Sam x” squiggle either but an actual message from the boy to you to keep you inspired and motivated every damn day. Imagine that, Dear Kim, you are a legend and I love you. Love Sam x…or is that just me? #stalker

Anyway…if you want your own personally signed copy all you have to do is subscribe to my blog. Super simple. All subscribers signed up by May 5 (5pm EST) will go into a random draw. Just fill in that box on the top left of your screen now.

Subscribing means you’ll means you get an email alert every time I post something hilarious or useful or neither. You’ll never miss out because a Facebook post passed you by. And don’t worry I don’t share any email addresses or anything, I mean, let’s face it, I don’t even know that many people! Your email address is just for me…and my tiny little 28 Blog Street empire.

And fear not, if you’re already subscribed to my ramblings then I’ll be whacking your name in the draw twice, because you’ve been awesome for ages and you’re my favourite.

What are you waiting for…go to my home page here and fill in your email address in the box on the top left of the page. Easy!

Now, if anyone wants me I’ll be outside Sam’s house with your book and my autograph pen…some might call that stalking, I like to call it a genuine ’28 stakeout’.

Here’s Sam talking all about…Sam

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    • Hi Janine, You need to add your email address to my subscribers too. Top left of the home page you’ll see a Subscribe box…just pop it in there. 🙂 x

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