The A-Z of 28 Recipes

Here’s a little bit of homework I’ve done for myself, because I’m time poor and need to find stuff faster than my unattended 3-year-old can get stuck into my makeup draw. I’ll let you copy my homework as long as we agree that…

  1. This A-Z list links directly to the 28 site where they belong. So you gotta pay your dues to access them. No free meals here!
  2. If the names of any of these recipes are changed then the links won’t work. When the crew adds new recipes you’ll need to manually add them to your own list. It’s an imperfect world. Deal with it. It’s about progress not perfection.
  3. Technical shit is hard work. If it were easy everyone would be doing it. Just like burpees, good form takes time and practice. You can bet your gluten-free muffins that Sam’s Crew is all over every little thing that needs improving on their site. I made this (*cough*) highly technical A-Z list to make my life a little easier and now, because you’ve made me love you, I have to share it with you. That’s how love works.
  4. The-Real-Food-Athlete-BookBuy the book. When (if) a 28:28 recipe book is published buy it and buy a copy for everyone you know. In case you didn’t know, Sam’s super smart nutritionist, Steph Lowe (The Natural Nutritionist) has a new book with lots of yummy food recipes. You can buy it today.
  5. These are from my recipe index. I have no idea what’s missing. I’m a meat-eating weight-loss loser (8kg so far! Woo hoo). If you’re a vego, stuff is pro’ly missing. Dunno.
  6. Pay it forwardsign up a friend to 28 and let’s change the world one burpee at a time. And let’s face it, one burpee is about all I can ever do!

Ok then, got all that? Here you go, take a look over my shoulder
(once you click the document should download to your computer or open on your phone).

…and this info might help if you want to put a link to the file on your iPhone’s home screen (soz’…not an Android gal, you’ll have to google that shit or phone a friend). 


21 thoughts on “The A-Z of 28 Recipes

    • surely not stupid Shelley 🙂 Click the box that says “A-Z of 28 recipes”. That should download a word document to your computer. The word doc is a list of the recipes in alphabetical order. Each recipe is a link back to the 28 site. Click a recipe. You’ll need your 28 member log in to access it all. Does that help?

  1. I have signed up for September seeing this lists excites me now for what is coming my way 🙂 Good luck 3kgs is a great achievement, well done 🙂

    • That’s great! You’re going to love the whole 28 thing Tara. It’s completely off the charts awesome. Everybody in the community is so freakin’ wonderful you can’t help but want to achieve good things. Good luck. See you in September 🙂

  2. Not working for me on a Mac.

    No big deal… cause just reading your hilarious banter was worth it. Kudos to you and your humour

    • Hi Jade…I’m a Mac girl. All my Word wizardry is created on a Mac. Not sure what’s happening at your end. Have you checked out some of the tips others have left in the comments? And thanks for the props xx

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