The Pre 28 Warm Up

WELCOME it’s January 2 already and you’re probably totes disappointed that the 28 program doesn’t start for another week. That Sam is a crazy kid, sometimes he gives us not-so-newbies a bonus week just because he loves us and thinks it will helps us to stay on track or to not keep drinking copious amounts of alcohol or to stop us from scoffing all the Christmas chocolate beyond the silly season or whatever. I don’t really know, I wasn’t paying attention as I opened another bottle of Christmas cheer last week. Anyway…you’re here now and you’re wondering what to do with yourself.

Here’s some links and tips from me (and probably most of your new 28 family, but I won’t speak for them, cos they’ll chip in on Facebook when you need them…they super cool like that).

You’re signed up! You’ve got your welcome email and your welcome bottle of champagne with matching chocolates*. Now what? You could gorge yourself on all the peanut butter and Tim Tams in your pantry OR you could start dipping your toes in the 28 wading pool. I totally recommend you spend this week splashing around with us because a) we’re fun and b) you’ll give yourself a head start when the boss gets back to town and starts cracking the whip on January 9th.

Here’s a little something I prepared earlier…

WHAT EQUIPMENT DO YOU NEED? Nuthin’ really…but maybe get yourself something to slide around on…READ UP HERE

TIPS, TRICKS & TRUTH BOMBS This is where I get real and tell you that WINE IS OK…if you want it to be (and I sure as shit do)…but choose your poison and choose it knowing how it will impact your results. Sam would be the first person to explain this to you…probably over a beer. (NB: Some of these links require access to …so cool your jets if you haven’t got the magic key yet…it’ll happen).

Here’s some things that Sam and his ever fabulous Crew prepared earlier…

FOOD Get cooking. There’s a whole week’s worth of 28 recipes right here…TRUE…check it out and prepare to get excited! Just ignore the whole post-baby-body stuff if …ummm, you know…you don’t actually have one! The meals are the same. Just try Snez’s Kickstarter Smoothie or the Buckwheat Noodle Bowl or The Cauli Mac & Cheese…then tell me if you feel like you’re on a diet!

EXERCISE Get moving. Start RIGHT NOW and factor in 28 minutes into every day where you move. Get up off the couch. Walk past your front door and around your block a few times if that’s all you can manage. Just MOVE. And here’s some of Sam’s actual exercises if you want to give them a crack too…they’re not hard.

And finally your go to for all questions and concerns are the Crew. They’re at the end of this email

(* and you could totally ask them where your welcome bottle of champagne and chocolates are too…but they may not respond in a timely manner on that one)

PS...The program’s usually unlock on the Thursday before the Monday kick off day. So if I were you, I’d pencil in some 1:1 time with yourself and your device of choice** on Thursday 5th. Get your shit together and then log in to on Monday when the workouts download a whole world of pain on your sorry ass…errr….I mean, open up a whole new world of wonderment, core strength and flexibility that you never knew you had.

(**Double entendre absolutely intentional!)

15 thoughts on “The Pre 28 Warm Up

  1. Hello, I am a bit stressed. I dont know what I hit when I seen the Menu, but what come up for me is not what you have posted. I have already done the shopping. Can you please have a quick look at my menu and tell me if I am ok. My brekkies are Grenn Smoothie Bowls, Egg Smash and Roasted Stone Fruit with Granola. Lunches Spinich and Fetta Quesadilla with leftover from dinner for the week. I guess you can see my plan from my email. I am really scared I have done something wrong!

    • Hi Kerry, Sounds like you are all set for Week 1 of January. Don’t worry. The ‘sample meal plan’ posted on my blog post (above) was just something Sam published a few months ago to help promote the program. It’s not current. just an example. You don’t need to worry, you’ve done everything right 🙂 Good luck, you’re going to love the program , just take it one step at a time. x

  2. Hi when I log in I get the dec program , not the new Jan program ?
    Do I get the weeks food at a glance or just day by day?
    A bit confused arrghhh !!!

    • Hi Karin, welcome!
      You’ll find a link to snacks at the bottom of the page tomorrow when the program is fully released. It’s still in preview mode until then. 🙂 x

  3. HI Kim,

    I feel like I might get a quicker response by you than the team?

    Do you know if all diary, yoghurt and ricotta are all full fat?

    the recipes dont say anything?

    also I find it strange that the recipes use chicken thy fillet? more fat?

    Also do you know if the sliders deal is still current?

    I tried to buy some and the website did not acknowledge sams code, and I accidently put two pairs in and it would not let me take one off. Also had to tick yes to recieveing updates on XR slider, I dont need anymore spam!

    thanks Kim

    • Hi Bronwyn…you’re in luck! I’m at my desk 🙂 Yes, all dairy would be full fat options. No low fat on 28. Not sure about the chicken thighs except they’re usually slightly cheaper and we eat so much (so more economical), also they’re a better part for stewing (curries etc), don’t get overcooked as easily as breast meat. I think the Sliders deal is current, but that is one you’d have to check with Sam & Crew about. Hope some of that is helpful. K x

      • thanks Kim, ive had a couple of comments not be returned by hello@samwood?? or is there something Im not doing?

        Also with the closed fb I can get get on it, but is it just a matter of beinging it up allthe time to see whats happening, it does not automatically come up on my fb? a little of a techno phobe. or I just dont know how to work it! wish I did.
        Also whilst I have you , I have downloaded your a-z recipes, but I click on link and it does not open, do I hae to copy and paste in menu so they open? they are blue in color on screen , aaarrrghhh!!! 🙂

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