Not quitting, pausing

Since I started this blog in August I’ve managed to write pretty much every week, sometimes even two or three times a week. From writing not much at all, to writing nearly every day I made a huge leap in my #lifegoals.

Then October happened. I had three-year-old birthdays (plural, because if you have one three-year-old then you know they have friends who also have birthdays around the same time), I had a tropical holiday and I was headed into the perfect storm of work madness and end of year psychosis. You know that condition that affects nearly all of us? Where for some unknown reason it feels like we simply have to wrap shit up. And I’m not talking about the presents for under the tree, I mean projects, ideas, meetings, spring cleaning, shopping, reorganising my wardrobe, my office, my pantry, my linen cupboard…my life…basically crossing off every fucking thing I ever had on any to do list at any point in 2016. That. That level of self-styled chaos and “lifestyle psychosis” that just shoves any sense of routine aside and you find yourself swimming out to sea, madly paddling and wondering if you’ll ever reach land again.

Ok, so that’s been my life for about six weeks now. Crazy busy. I’ve been running on adrenalin, enjoying the highs and crashing with the lows but still pushing through. Because – well, life. It’s what you do.

sam_bridgeWhen I started 28 four months ago I was diligent about planning and preparing and having Sam in my lounge room every morning at 6.30. These last 6 weeks have not been so rigid. Sam’s still turned up every morning (he’s bloody annoying like that) but I’ve actually been standing him up more and more (sorry buddy) as the routine of my life has ebbed and flowed.

It’s been about a month since I’ve shopped ahead for my week’s meals. I’m very lucky that I have two major supermarkets literally next door to me along with health food stores and fresh fruit and veg. So I’m spoilt. I also take an abnormal amount of joy from the act of supermarket shopping. So I go every day if I’m not organised. Which isn’t a burden, it’s just silly and inefficient.

Since joining 28 I’ve lost 7 kilos. That pretty much came off in the first few months. I felt better, I looked better and I was heading in the right direction. All good things. And then life happened. Stuff got crazy and I got lazy. I maintained my loss but my discipline made way for ‘quick fix’ solutions and I was exercising less and less. One could argue that the calories burnt during running around for work and child (and husband) may make up for the lack of programmed exercise…but that’s another blog.

We all have these phases in our life right? Phases where it feels like there’s simply not enough hours in the day. I’ve read many posts on our Facebook group about fellow 28ers not having enough time to prepare meals, go to work, manage children (& partners) and do the workouts. I know. I get it. And you know what? It’s OK. There isn’t an answer. screen-shot-2016-11-24-at-2-59-02-pmThere isn’t a quick fix. We’re not going to wake up one morning and miraculously find that time or motivation to make ourselves a priority. Programming in ‘me time’ is actually another task that needs to be addressed. Well, it is for me anyway. The reason my 28 program has slipped in these past few weeks is not because my life is crazy. It’s because I let it. It’s because I found it easier to just ‘pause’ for a while. I didn’t want 28 to become another fitness program that I quit. It’s better than that. I’m better than that.

The food, health and fitness knowledge that Sam and his crew are giving me every day sets the tone for the choices I make. Sure, in the last 6 weeks they’ve not all been great choices but I’m certainly making better ones than I would have been if I weren’t part of 28. For example, I haven’t stuck religiously to my meal plan, but I have been cooking 28 meals. When I’m busy I find decision making about life-tasks extraordinarily arduous. That’s also a symptom of the depression that I keep at bay (with success, mostly).

While I’m not jumping for joy about progress and weight-loss and all that skinny me shit, I am thrilled beyond measure that I’m still here. I still care about being part of this program. I’m not quitting, I’ve just paused. And that’s OK. I’m running my own 28 and I’ll jump back on at Sam’s pace, and undoubtedly achieve more results, when I’m ready. In the meantime, I won’t be giving myself a hard time about not making progress, instead I’ll give myself a high 5 for not quitting.


  1. Decide what your best/easiest/quickest three 28 dinner meals are and have the ingredients on hand 24/7. If you can prep and freeze in advance, great, but at the very least have all the makings for just three quick meals that you don’t have to think about. Sure, you may find yourself eating sticky chicken all week, but at least it’s not KFC!
  2. Choose two breakfast and lunch options and have them everyday (my go to’s are smoothies for breakfast and broccoli and egg salads for lunch. Or a “can” lunch – a can of tuna, a can of beans, a can of corn with salt, pepper and spinach).
  3. Walk everyday.

NB: Obviously these are not 28 endorsed tips. There’s no balance to your weekly meal plan and I’m pretty sure sticky chicken all week is illegal, BUT, the point is by simplifying your choices you reduce the risk of quitting when life gets in the way. And of course, this is just what works for me.

6 thoughts on “Not quitting, pausing

  1. Wow – this is an amazing, post to which I can totally relate – I think I am tearing up …
    I love reading your posts and comments. You bring so much to the 28 party.

  2. Like I said before- You certainly know how to keep it real and I tip my hat to you. Your writing is awesome and I look forward to reading your blog. Keep up the amazing work .xx

  3. Welcome to the 28 parking bay :). I’m paused too Kim and pretty much do what you do – eat Steph’s 28 meals as I can and walk when I can. 🙂
    12kg off here and my aim is to stay stable until I can give it a red hot go again x

  4. Thanks for this humbling post, Kim. I think the most important thing mentioned which resonates with me is that fact you’re still here and that this aspect of your persistence hasn’t wavered an inch. Pausing when ‘life happens’ makes the gradual comeback all the more rewarding and appreciated. Plateaus and even slumps are just as important as winning, this journey is no exception. I know consistency is key but there’s no soul in consistency if it rides along a forced continuum. Your approach is real and committed. Thanks for reminding us. 🙂

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