There’s No Place Like Home

I’m a homebody. Love being at home. Staying at home. And making a nice home. I’m a Cancerian, so apparently looking after and loving our shells is a thing. That said, it’s always good to have a circuit breaker from daily routine and to change the scenery you look at every day, listen to new sounds and smell a different landscape. That’s what holidays are for, right? Whether it’s relaxing poolside at a resort, camping with critters or navigating a new land – a change of pace helps.

I’ve just returned from a week in a resort in gorgeous Fiji. screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-12-06-19-pmWhere I spent a whole lot of time doing nothing. That was the plan. No agenda. No expectations. Just chill. It was a family holiday so it comes with a certain level of responsibility. I mean you can’t expect the three year old to mix her own cocktails can you? Thankfully she knows her way around her iPad (probably because I popped that parenting device into her little hands just as soon as she could use her thumbs!) and she did enjoy a few sessions at the resort’s kids club. So we all had our own down time.

I’ve been very lucky in my life to enjoy several resort style holidays so I know my way around a swim up bar, the day spa and how to stay on a sunbed (in the shade) all damn day. But this was the first holiday I’d been on where I was a 28-er. This was the first holiday that I packed active wear and the first holiday that I actually used it! And it was fabulous.

Having said that I was still rather lackadaisical about my approach to activity and didn’t put myself through any kind of routine. screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-12-05-46-pmI got up at 6.30 on my first morning, whacked on the sports bra and decided to orientate myself with the resort on a power walk. I headed straight up to the fitness centre thinking I could use it for a daily 28-minute workout. Wrong. As I got closer to it I could hear the heavy bass of typical gym music that you hear from every gym in every city all around the world. I loathe that gym soundtrack at the best of times so I wasn’t about to break the serenity of the island paradise to sweat it out inside a place that made me tense. So I kept walking.

A few days later, when I dropped my daughter off for her first two-hour play date at the kids club I met another couple also doing the drop off for the first time. We laughed at how it was like the first day of childcare all over again. A touch of separation anxiety but nervous anticipation of the fun and freedom it meant for both parents and kids. screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-12-06-48-pmThat’s where the similarity ends though as I clocked their active wear, tanned and toned legs and runners. I was dressed in bathers and Havaianas and was making a beeline for the adults only pool while they were heading to the fitness centre for a child-free workout. So NOT my scene on an island holiday…and I’m happy to own that. I stuck to my walking most mornings with a bit of Wednesday workout stretching thrown in here and there. Like I said, lackadaisical!

While I kept moderately active during our holiday I think it was the food that actually helped me maintain my pre-holiday weight loss (7kgs). For a tropical island this resort lacked any kind of finesse or freshness for much of the food they offered. I know that we are very lucky in Australia to enjoy fresh and whole foods nearly all year round and that many parts of the world are less fortunate and struggle with import taxes and other such barriers. But I have experienced wonderful fresh foods in Fiji. Unfortunately this resort catered for over-indulged deep-fried Westerners so we were served up the same sort of food for six straight days. We had one choice for family breakfast. The buffet. And despite its claims, it wasn’t that great. It offered the same mess of fried and over cooked options each morning with just one inter-changing dish and omelette of the day.

So I pretty much stuck to the fruit bar and had a papaya for breakfast, maybe some Bircher muesli and a poached egg on a piece of toast. All I really wanted was some simple spinach, avocado or tomatoes. None to be found. They had these things because I’d seen them in other dishes. They just didn’t offer them in a fresh, whole way.

After three months of cooking 28 food and educating myself on whole real ingredients this holiday food was an eye opener for me. I simply wasn’t interested in eating much of it. Which, as disappointing as it sounds, was a good thing. 28 has succeeded in changing my mind set about what I eat.

screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-12-06-01-pmI did drink though!

If you read my stuff regularly then you know I’m all about the wine and not even 28 can change that BUT it has made me slow down. Miraculously, I managed to continue to imbibe moderately while on this holiday. I say ‘miraculously’ because unbeknownst to me our Bure came with 5pm sun downer drinks (champagne for me!) and a Liqueur with the turn down service. Yes, it was a hard life!

Staying healthy

The other crazy thing I packed for this holiday, along with my sports bra, was apple cider vinegar. In the four weeks leading up to the holiday I’ve gotten into the habit of having a teaspoon of this every morning (heavily diluted in water….lots of water!) along with magnesium every night (for rest). I’ve found the vinegar has helped my immune system and digestion and just general wellness. I’ve always been susceptible to local gut bugs while holidaying and on this trip…nothing! I felt well and healthy for the whole week.

I had a lovely relaxed family holiday but by the end of our indulged week I could not wait to get home and cook my 28 food again. This is my life now and I don’t want to have to compromise it too often.screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-12-06-31-pm

There is no place like home and there’s no place like your own kitchen with your own cooking and sourcing local produce.

Travelling makes me grateful.

Grateful I can afford to travel.

Grateful I can be lazy by a pool while people bring my cocktails.

Grateful that I live in a country where fresh, whole foods are not hard to come by.

I’m lucky that my home is a happy, healthy one that has only been made stronger and more stable since joining 28.

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  1. Thanks Kim. That was a fantastic read. I was cheering for you and feeling inspired in equal measure. Bless your cotton socks (or Havaiana-d feet)

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