Eat The Frog

For the first time in 9 weeks I’ve actually struggled to find my motivation to get my shit together and commit to my 28 plan. A few days ago I posted about a 7-kilo loss – which is great and all – but now what? I have to keep going. I want to lose close to 30 kilos (and have done for the better part of two decades now!). As you know from previous posts numbers aren’t my strong suit but even I know that 7 is a long way from 30.

So I’ve had a good weight loss and people have commented on how fabulous I look and now I just…need…to…keep…going. But instead of jumping for joy and seizing the opportunity to take strength from my success to power on it’s brought me to a small pit-stop at the door of 28 Struggle Street.

I’m heading for a long-overdue holiday in just 7 sleeps so there’s no mistaking I’m knackered but why is that an excuse to power down on my food and exercise. I’ve managed to keep up the third part of the 28 equation though…support. I’ve stayed the course with my Facebook folk and commented and laughed and cried and connected and commiserated and celebrated. That part seems so bloody easy. I can hop on my phone at 6am and check that you guys are all doing ok and if Sam has posted something I should watch (when does he not?) but I reckon I’ve skipped four workouts in the last two weeks. And I feel lousy. I feel like I’ve actually let myself down when I know that all I’ve done is…well…skip four workouts! And in the scheme of things I’ve done way more good in 9 weeks than I’ve done bad.struggle-street

And yet, here I am at 28 Struggle Street.

A good friend of mine who also manages depression and general life funks from time to time says; “When you don’t know what to do, do anything.”

Do Anything

The thing about 28 is that you can actually not think about anything. You don’t need to know what to do, except remember how to log in to the page and follow the instructions for each day.

I have to stop negotiating with myself and just get out of bed at my designated 6am wake up and stop thinking and just do. Anything. The things I’m told to do. The things I’ve signed up to do.

So this brings me to the frog.

Mark Twain famously said, “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”

The eat the frog thing is about not procrastinating and just getting the most difficult or hated or feared thing out of the way first thing in the day. I like to think of Sam Wood as that live frog (actually he’s more like a frog prince, but that’s another tale). If you Google “Eat that Frog” you’ll find books, philosophies and memes based on the concept of eating that slimy little amphibian first thing in the morning.

boiled_frogAnother little frog story I heard recently was that if you place a frog into boiling water it would immediately jump out …of course it will. Der. But, if you pop him into cold water and then slowly bring the water to the boil it’s like his own personal little spa (or frog consommé as I like to call it) and he’ll happily relax and stay put.

So the moral of my frog consommé story is bring on change slowly.

If you change things too quickly you risk rejection just as quickly – which is perhaps what I’ve faced at 9 weeks into my 28 program. I don’t know. Just a theory. I’ve stopped to enjoy some compliments, admired my looser clothes and then exhaled and gone…You know what? I’m stuffed. I’ve tackled new recipes, I’ve been cooking fresh every god damn day, I’ve got a new regular exercise pattern and there’s a new man in my life (who is ever so demanding) – no wonder I’m bloody exhausted.

That’s a lot of change. Yes, change for good. But still change, right? If you try to change a lot quickly, you’re likely to “jump out” and reject it. But by making small changes every day, you’re still going to arrive at the same end-point, and you’ll stay put. That’s why I know I’ll be a 28-er for life. This isn’t a quick fix and this last week is not the first visit I’ll have in Struggle Town.


My frog

At some point in my future I’m hopeful that my significantly lighter and healthier self will relish the exercise I need to keep buoyant and happy and well but for now, I have to eat my frog first thing in the morning. Cos if I don’t I’ll just end up with a stock pile of frogs at the end of the week and no one wants to eat more than one live frog at a time…am I right?

No frogs were harmed in the writing of this post.

5 thoughts on “Eat The Frog

  1. Oh my gosh Kim I feel like I could have written this too – I have a solid 20kg to lose and so many times I have made progress up to a point and then stopped for NO good reason that I can fathom.

    The frog analogy is perfect. I am only a newbie in Week 2 so it’s still the honeymoon period, but you are right on point talking about the new exercises, the constant fresh cooking (and try doing that when you are meeting daily resistance from teenagers) and the mental energy it all takes – even though you actually feel great and the positive results are obvious.

    Have the holiday, relax and enjoy yourself (life is short etc etc…but seriously, you want to be able to eat fun things and have a drink or two) and get back on the wagon, nice and refreshed, after the break. Having said that, this has always been my weakest point and getting back on the wagon is HARD. But totally worth it. Better get your awesome online community to back you when the time comes!

  2. That was a great read Kim and totally resonated with me, I still want to lose another 15 kgs, 9kg down but still a bit to go, I have had my “fat” days lately and thinking how am I going keep going but when I check in and scroll and read others stories it keeps me going and so do the daily 28 workouts & of course your posts which always give me a good laugh.
    You’re right, too quick and you’re likely to jump out, small changes every day is the way to go, what’s the saying that comes occasionally
    Progress not perfection.
    As my brother once said to me when I was going through a struggle in life
    “you hang in there little tomato” 😘

  3. One of my favourite frog references is….you might have to kiss a lot of toads before you find your prince👑….good luck with your new man (and of course your health/weight loss journey) I love your posts Kim. You’re a strong and funny gal…you WILL get there! xx

  4. Thanks Kim, you seemed to be writing about me – so often and even at the moment – I finally get the scales moving in the right direction and then seems to ‘relax’ which does me no good and back to where i started.
    I am loving 28 for the food guidance and loving loving the workouts!

  5. Hello Kim.
    I’ve used the ‘eating your frogs’ concept for many years mostly at work and particularly relating to the in-tray and ‘to do list’ with all the horrid hard tasks left at the bottom of the pile/list. Every now and then I’d ‘eat my frogs’ and get those odious tasks done and dusted – and would feel pretty damn good once completed!
    It is a good philosophy to use in many life situations and your analogy surrounding struggles with 28 is perfect!
    Chin up, shoulders back and bussoms forward!
    You are a strong beautiful woman and will succeed. 😜

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