Here’s to the Crazy Ones

The emotional trust that members of the 28 Community put in each other is awe-inspiring.

Every day I read inspirational posts and see photos from people on the 28 program about their challenges, their wins, their losses, their sadness, their happiness, their frivolousness, their seriousness, their delight, their fuck ups, their love, their life. These people share everything. Honest and open and always hoping for the best.

Six weeks ago I didn’t know any of these people.

Of course I don’t know them now, not really. But I know enough to let them in. I know enough to care about what they’re sharing. I know enough to want to help and to support and be their cheerleader. I know enough about these people that it makes me want to be better.

Like so many I’ve spent way too many hours comparing myself to others. I’m not as fit as her. I’m not as smart as her. I’m not as clever as her. I’m not as pretty her. I’m not good enough. And worse…I’m different.

It’s an honest struggle to look in the mirror and like what you see. Or love it even. There’s always something that needs fixing, needs attention, needs a haircut, needs makeup, needs to change.

I battle with self-doubt and have days when the black dog nestles comfortably at my feet. Those days are tough. Those days are the ones when, as Robert Frost said, “nothing gold can stay”.

Naked Chef

My treasured copy of Jamie Oliver’s first book. Inscribed to me from my mother, as a thank you for nursing her through her dying days.

When the clouds lift I often reach for comfort and reassurance in tales from once-ordinary people who have done extraordinary things. Sam was inspired to tell us that Jamie Oliver is a hero of his. Jamie is everyone’s hero. He’s a mighty human with a big heart, great ideas and the energy and talent to deliver change in the world. I love Jamie for so many reasons (not least of which was sharing the beginnings of his cheeky public Naked Chef life with my dying mother as her life was coming to an end, early last decade).

Something else I shared with my mother is our point of difference in this life. Neither of us was made for rigour, routine or rules – and yet we both needed plans, home comforts and structure to function.

It’s taken me 44 years to start to feel some level of peace with my point of difference. It’s also taken me just as long to accept and embrace that every single person has their own point of difference. Some of us just wear our difference in a more obvious way. Every one has their own path to tread, their own life to love and their own mark to make. That’s why progress is different for everyone and perfection unobtainable. What’s perfect?

I guess the point of this post for 28-ers (and anyone reading) is embrace your point of difference and let the crazy in. Change ain’t cosy and if there’s anything that Sam Wood and his program gears you up for – it’s change. In a good way.

For all that’s been said and assumed about Steve Jobs – he got crazy right…

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