28 Reasons

OK, so Sam has his 28 Reasons …positive positive …motivation…motivation…blah blah blah. Here’s my 28 reasons for 28:

1.The Timing
This program is on my terms. OK…so not all of my terms are met, like I wouldn’t mind if red wine was a necessary part of every evening meal but it’s early days. There’s still time. There’s research to back that shit up – trust me, I’ve Googled…sorry, sidetracked…where was I? Oh yeah, I can exercise anywhere, anytime. For me right now that’s in my lounge room at 6.30am. In exactly 57 days that’ll be on a beach in Fiji overlooking the Coral Coast. I’ve no doubt I’m taking you all on holiday. And by ‘you all’ I mean the program…not actually you all. Sorry.

2.The Workout Wardrobe
I can wear whatever I like. At 6.30 in the morning who the fuck cares what I look like? I’m wearing gym gear that hasn’t seen the crack of my butt for years…all faded and see-through. But no one knows that. Except me. And now you. You now know what a trash bag I really am.

3.The FoodScreen Shot 2016-08-21 at 9.13.29 PM
Oh my, the food. It’s all so deceptively simple and trick-free that you’ll wonder why you haven’t been eating like this all your life. AND the family love it…what?? Yep…the food is a crowd pleaser. Go figure. You may add an extra serve of meat here and there or a slab of carbs for a non-28-er (alas they do exist).

There’s an initial outlay at the beginning to stock up the pantry and if you don’t know your chickpeas from your choko then you’re in for a steep learning curve – but it’s worth it. Try it all. All of it.

4.The Plan
I’ve been a mama for almost three years (not counting the three before that when I became a wife, but that’s a whole different parenting thing, am I right, ladies?) and there’s nothing I like more than having the decisions about routine meals all made for me. I loathe meal planning. I’m lucky that I live within a three minute walk to a major supermarket, and by ‘lucky’ I mean lazy. Having a meal plan laid out for me with a shopping list no less…bliss. I just pick a few days ahead and shop every three days (instead of every day wandering the aisles looking for food-spiration ideas for dinner – Jamie Oliver ready-meal-anyone?)

5.The Kitchen skills
It’s so refreshing to be stretching my cooking abilities as well as my gluteus maximus (I don’t actually do both of these things together in the kitchen, but I guess you could). Making curry paste from scratch – who knew? You also get to give your blender and blitzer stick thingie a bit of a workout.

6.The Wine
Ok, so this is my list. I’ll hScreen Shot 2016-08-21 at 9.17.14 PMave wine if I want. Just not as much as I used to. Which brings me to number 7…

7.The Rules
There’s really not a whole lot of rules. You’re either ready to make the switch or you’re not. If you do, then follow the plan as well as you can. But hey, it’s an imperfect world and sometimes the only way to make it better is wine. There are no rules that will get you disbarred.

8.The Family
My family can join in. My 3-year old loves to line up all of her dolls and watch mama huff and puff. Worryingly she’s also started to talk to them in ‘sam-speak’. “The key to this exercise Elmo is…”

9.The Facebook Family
OH MY GOD. I was not ready for this part at all. Not at all. I cannot believe that I can officially say that logging into Facebook, checking in with you all is finally a crucial part of my life. And I mean CRUCIAL. I would be lost without the community and would be nowhere near as committed to the program. I mean Sam’s adorable and all…but you guys are my fucking tribe! I got this.

10.The Sliders
You don’t actually need anything but something slippery to slide around on but I do love a good home delivery so I was on to xrslide.com.au faster than Hendrix photo bombing Sam’s videos. Who knew fun and torture could be so closely related – slider frog kicks anyone

11.The No More Norm FactorScreen Shot 2016-08-21 at 9.20.14 PM
Remember that ace early 80s campaign “Life. Be In It.”? It was all about getting out there and keeping active and enjoying your life. This active recovery lark actually means I want to get outside. Even in the cold and rain. What? Who am I even? Get off the couch. See the world. Start a business. Write a blog…

12.The 28 Effect – Everyone is doing it.
You know when you’re pregnant or you want to be pregnant and everywhere you look other people are pregnant? Or when you’re planning your wedding all you see are ads for wedding cakes, wedding venues or actual weddings you hope yours will be like? Yeah. That. Everywhere you go you’ll think 28 is there with you. And if you live in Melbourne’s Bayside chances are he bloody well is – Sam is everywhere with his dog.

13.The Clothes
With a commitment to 28 you’ll be flinging clothes off the rack and into the dressing room faster than you can send all your stretch gear to the Salvos. Get ready to shop!

14.The Weight-ing Game
I have carried 5-kilos of hand weights in a sealed box through four house moves. Yep. Four. In a sealed box. I joined 28 and opened the box. Literally and metaphorically. Now that that damn box is open I feel invincible.

15.The Choc Chickpea BiscuitsScreen Shot 2016-08-21 at 9.23.37 PM
‘nuff said (if you don’t know…I can’t help you)

16. The Kitchen Gadgets.
Ladies and gents I give you The Spiralizer. That funky little tool I paid too much for years ago was actually called into action in my first few weeks on the 28 eating plan.

17.The Photos
FINALLY. I have a legitimate excuse to set up and photograph my food, my chocolate intake, my wine, my fridge, my view, my 3 year old, myself…every god damn minute of my day is of interest to someone…anyone…in the 28 Club. Success or failure the 28 Club have got your back.

18.The Over-Sharing Photos
Daily selfies and regular before and after snaps are mandatory. Show off those abs, your arse or your rolls…whatever you have to share…it all matters!

19.The Exorbitant Fees
…that you don’t have to pay. No contracts. No big fees. No worries. At around $50 a month, membership to club 28 is so much cheaper than anything else around. I’ve done my sums and I’m saving three times that at my local bottle shop (goddamnit!).

20.The Mindset
I’m starring in my own life. I’m no longer watching from the side of the stage. The exercises, the clean simple food and the sense of community has my endorphins pumping and my motivation for life at an all time high. I’m more vibrant and interested in everything. Go me!

21.The Ability to Cope
All the wellness benefits of the program mean I’m able to cope with the inevitable curve balls that life throws at me. Last week I was under house arrest with a very sick child and a husband who was working interstate. I was averaging about three hours sleep a night. B28 (“before 28”) I would open a bottle of red and limp through that sleep-deprived challenge in a foggy daze. Instead, as a 28-er I had a plan to follow for meals and exercise. My tired body was able to manage and I survived. I didn’t quit and I only missed one workout. I amazed myself at how calm and organised I was during that week. And I read stories of new found resilience all over the Facebook group…bloody inspiring.

22.The No Going Back
In three short weeks I can feel a monumental shift in my approach and
outlook to my life. Like I said at #20, I’m in the driving seat and, like Geena Davis’ Thelma …
”Something has crossed over in me and I can’t go back.”  I won’t.

23.The App
Ok so there’s not an app. But the website on your phone is so damn super easy to use I have no idea why you need an actual app anyway. I’ve been out shopping, forgot my list and brought it up on my iPhone (which I NEVER forget…it might as well be embedded into my palm). Problem solved in two quick clicks.

24.The No Frills
There’s no ra-ra. Watching Sam demonstrate the exercises isn’t even intimidating. Check out a few other online trainers. Their form. Their muscles. Their bloody annoying voice-overs. No thanks. Sam is the man for me…I mean Snez. Sam is the man for Snez!

25.The Website
While all the basics are there, the website is imperfect. It’s clear there’s plenty of functionality still to be added, changed, improved upon. And that’s OK with me. We live in such a privileged society that it’s easy to forget how much we take for granted. Imperfection and glitches are a good thing. They make you stretch yourself and find solutions.

26.The Fitness Levels
The exercises are doable and you can go at your own pace with a level to suit you. I started on ‘move your arse mummy’ and quickly moved myself up to ‘not as unfit as I thought I was’.

27.The Authenticity
I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is that sets this program apart from all the others I’ve tried in my ‘trying-to-improve-myself’ phases. And I’ve tried a lot. A. LOT. It feels achievable. It feels like a manageable change. It feels genuine. Which bring me to reason number 28…

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 9.29.22 PM

Image from Sam’s Twitter feed. Stolen with pride.

28.The Boy (& his crew)
The man is freakin’ everywhere. Everywhere. He’s in my lounge room at 6.30am. An hour later he’s on my Facebook feed telling me not to give up. We feel like we know him – thanks in no small part to reality TV and more importantly – we feel like he knows and cares about us. And you know what? I bet he bloody does.

If you, or someone you know wants to sign up to 28bySamWood but you can’t find the $50 because life is beating your backside and bills are stacking up…then hit me up. I’m good for a fiddy. Seriously. I’ll pay someone’s September fee or help a newbie sign up. Contact me before the end of August.

PS – I don’t need the story, if you reach out for the $ then I know you need it. I trust you.

12 thoughts on “28 Reasons

  1. You are truly a gem Kim 🙂 Your posts put a smile on my face. And I will also like to pay it forward let me know (pm me) I am happy to pay for 1 or 2 newbies as well. I want someone else to experience what I have. Well done xx

    • How wonderful Anna you gorgeous girl. Will be in touch when the requests come in …oh this is such a great feeling!!! Love your work xx

  2. I started this month too Kim, and you’re penning my thoughts for me, except for the 6.30am part, I’m a definite pm exerciser. Cheers, keep up the great work.

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