The Pantry Workout

There’s so many side effects of being a 28-er. Sore muscles, sight-seeing during active recovery, swollen ego (from too much social media love)…for example. But something I didn’t really consider is how much of a workout my kitchen it getting.

While I’m not entering Masterchef anytime soon my cooking skills are pretty solid so my kitchen is well equipped with lots of stuff. Non-stick pots and pans. Blenders. Nutri-bullets. Food processors. Juicers. And yes, I do mean plural.

And with all the fabulous recipes on offer through the 28 Program I’ve dialled up my usual stock of raw ingredients and my pantry is heaving. I can hear it groaning from here. I fear my poor pantry is on the verge of having an existential crisis. It doesn’t know what it wants to be. I’ve got packet cake mixes next to my buckwheat flour, cacao and chia seeds right above a few dozen expired pre-made curry and marinade sauces that I’ve pushed aside to make way for polenta, sunflower seeds, almond meal and herbs and spices.

Fair to say that my next workout needs to be working out my fucking pantry. It’s a mess.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 10.14.38 AMSo imagine my utter delight when I saw that ALDI has got my back (I heart ALDI). Tomorrow they have their regular “Kitchen Essentials” in their twice-weekly Special Buys.

Hooray. My spices need be homeless no more. The gluten free flour packet can stop snowing down the shelves and live happily in its own receptacle.

So I’ll be a door buster tomorrow morning, credit card in hand ready to load up on a few premium 5-piece pantry storage deals, maybe some more mixing bowls (for all those marinades), and there’s bound to be something useful I need in those ‘assorted kitchen gadgets’. Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 10.11.37 AMDo I spy a spiralizer (“zucchini not included”) for less than $15! That’s a must have for sure – check out this recipe.

All this stuff is absolutely essential for a 28 cook. Because even though Sam says you don’t need anything but the right state of mind to be a
28-er I beg to differ. I like my kitchen to be in the right state too and I like to be organised, so if that means shopping for “Kitchen Essentials” then sign me up.

What does your pantry look like? A glowing tribute to a 50s housewife or more like a war zone where neighbouring religions battle it out for the right to be heard?

If it’s the latter, I highly recommend that you get your glutes down to Aldi tomorrow. Poste haste. After your Workout with Woody of course.

This post is not sponsored by ALDI, although it should be.

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