Love is Love: Raise a Flag

If these words mean something to you then please feel free to share them where ever you like. Click on the image and save it as your own. Steal, copy, adapt, plagiarize. Make them yours. I don’t mind. The message is the same. It’s time. x

If these words don’t resonate with you then you may be on the wrong blog.

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To our LGBTI friends (or as I like to call you…‘friends’),

Get married. Get divorced. Live in sin.
Raise families. Stay single. Love who you want.
I don’t care.
What I do care about. Passionately.
Is that you live your life, your way.
Everyone has that right.

I do not support the Australian Government spending my money to make you feel less than who you are.

I want them to spend that money to put food on the table of the needy and to build schools for our children and to give homes to the homeless.

I do not support the Australian Government wasting years debating an issue that has an inevitable outcome.The time to reform the Marriage Act is now.

I want the Australian Government to spend no more money.
To spend no more time.
To just get it done.
Love is love. Love conquers all.
The Australian people stand with you.